I am not going to waste my valuable time writing all the complaints that I have about this company. I will make it short and sweet.

Don't use them. I did and I wish I would have used someone else.

They will not return phone calls or emails promptly, they lose forms, they request re submissions constantly, they take their sweet time getting anything done.

I worked with an old timer who has been in the real estate business for over 35 years...he told me that the antics from AIM were like nothing he had ever seen in his experience. Missing forms, resubmissions, accidental misplaced wire transfers, etc.

PLEASE use someone else.

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Aimloan is the worst mortgage company on the planet period.

Do not deal with them. It is a waste of time and money. They might appear to have good interest rate. But will try all kind of ways to jack up fees and deny loan and find fault with the appraisal.


Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #621338

Aim Loans is ridiculous! We almost made the mistake of using them, but after countless requirements from them, decided forget it.

How hard should it be for a person with a income of over 400k$ annually to get a 69,000$ loan? Might I add the credit rating is over 810??? I could not believe they needed to provide proof of a deposit for 9000$? Like we got it from some illegal source???

Never ever again will I consider using this company.

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